What is Baking Flour or Soft Wheat Flour?

Knappen Baking Flour is a soft-wheat flour. Soft wheat is ground from the endosperm of degerminated wheat berry.

Is Baking Flour different than All-Purpose Flour?

Knappen Baking Flour is made from soft-wheat only and has a powdery texture. All-purpose flour is a blend of soft wheat and hard wheat and has a more coarse texture than Knappen Baking Flour. Both types of flour are used for baking. Soft wheat flour has a powdery texture favored by bakers. Biscuits, cakes, pie crusts, cookies, and delicate baked goods are best with soft wheat flour. Visit this link for more information about the types of flour.

Where can I buy Knappen Baking Flour?

Please find a list of store locations here. We do our best to keep this page updated however there may be additions that are not listed.

Why can’t I purchase Knappen Flour at my local store?

If your store doesn’t carry Knappen Baking Flour make a request! The store manager or buyer can often are our first line of contact to get Knappen flour on local market shelves.